Building project

Building Construction Project

Food, clothing and shelter constitute the three most fundamental requirements for any human being. If viewed in a very general sense, the term shelter would imply a four-walled and roofed structure in which one can reside. However, in a more profound sense, a shelter is a sanctuary or refuge for protecting oneself and feeling secure, constituting a crucial component of any person’s physical and mental wellbeing. When hale and hearty adult individuals cannot do without the feeling of security provided by a shelter, would orphaned and abandoned children affected and infected by HIV and AIDS be demanding too much if they ask for a safe haven over their heads? The answer is an emphatic “NO.” Being subject to rampant harassment from all corners becomes a way of life for such children.

Right from its inception in May 2004, Happy Home has been a source of refuge and support for children in need of care and assistance. Currently, the home accommodates 70+ children between the ages of 3 and 15 years, who have been required to seek shelter here for various reasons. With the number of such children showing no signs of abatement,

Happy Home’s present premises is inadequate to render them appropriate service. For instance, facilities, such as proper kitchen, dining room, reading room, playground, garden area and vehicle parking area, among others, are very much lacking.