Strives in bringing Churches of different denominations together to bring oneness, create the healthiest servants, support and help each other by proclaiming and practicing the full message and reality of the Kingdom of God.

1. Assisting the Pastor, staff and key leaders of different churches
2. Receive suggestions, input, matters referred from various Churches and make recommendations back to the Churches
3. Making periodic reports on the church progress
4. Providing own vehicles to Pastors in backward areas
5. Providing necessary physical and financial support to the churches that are in need
6. Recommend policies, procedures and actions to improve church interrelationships
7. To seek the co-operation of other church leaders and use all existing channels to emphasise on personal stewardship

1. Happy Home Ministries has successfully provided some of the Pastors with two wheelers (Motorcycles) with which they can go deep inside the remote places to do the work aggressively
2. Happy Home Ministries has been successfully organising Brotherhood meetings among various churches of the local area aiming mutual support & benefits

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