Expanding God’s Kingdom by planting churches and Evangelising unreached
or under reached people.

1. Developing a Church Planting Team which includes a group of people who can start a Church for the purpose of carrying out Christ’s great commission in their community
2. Reaching New people, New cultures particularly in remote areas
3. Complete the Unfinished buildings apart from New church planting where construction work was abandoned at some stage (or) been delayed due to lack of finance
4. Aid the Church in need by repairing if any by providing required funds
5. Empowering and enabling New Church Members to become next generation of Leaders
6. To spring new opportunities and creative ideas to serve the needy of communities and see them transformed by the Gospel

1. Happy Home Ministries identified 17 Unfinished Church buildings and completed to the fullest till date.
2. Repaired 42 Churches in remote areas in and around Khammam, Krishna and Nalgonda Districts.
3. Constructed 9 New Churches and many more to go.

Church Plantation Gallery