We want to be the helping hand wherever and whenever we can. We don’t just extend our hands by providing their spiritual needs, but also attending to their physical needs. The Aim of this project is to provide drinking water supply to all the habitations of the rural areas in Khammam district, where
there is no supply of water in many places.
1. Identifying suitable places to lay pipelines
2. Utilising the existing pipelines to the maximum extent
3. Supplying safe water to the villages through specially built bore wells
4. Construction of Intake wells at the sites identified at major water resources
5. Wells will be secured and the community members will be trained to ensure that the wells are maintained and conserved

1. Construction of a Water Well in each community is providing a reliable water source for 600 individuals
2. The newly dug borehole in a village of Khammam cuts the distance that women and girls walk for water from upto 6 miles to less than a mile
3. The drought conditions have continued to create challenges and have affected nearly all aspects of life, but Happy Home Ministries is hopeful to continue in bringing water sources to communities most affected by the dry conditions

Happy Home Ministries would be grateful for the number of contributions and the amount of assistance in bringing water to a number of communities in India. 100% of your gift will be directed to the water projects of Happy Home Ministries. Share the vision of God’s abundant life for all the people.

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