Happy Home Ministries principle function is to provide a Happy Home for the HIV/AIDS affected orphan kids (either infected with the disease/having HIV/AIDS infected Parents) by adopting them and facilitating Boarding, Lodging, Medicine and Education.
1. Providing a nurturing Family environment to the HIV affected children who are considered as ‘’Untouchables” in the Indian society.
2. Linking the children to available medical services
3. Providing physical and mental health support
4. Developing their mind-sets to ignore cultural barriers

1. Pastor Laxmaiah and his wife Kalpana identified 454 HIV affected children who are evicted from their homes, expelled from schools due to their illness from Khammam district (2000-02)
2. In 2004, they established “HAPPY HOME – HRUDAY ASSOCIATION FOR POSITIVE PEOPLE & YOUNGS” which is supported by local Friends since 2004.
3. Currently Happy Home is accommodating 80+ kids.

Enabling the children and youth of the poor background, who awaits a new paradigm of education that fosters knowledge and the ability to imagine beyond their circumstances.
1. Identifying remote areas with low or no chance of educational provision for the poor
2. Providing free and compulsory education to all the deserving children
3. To provide literacy and basic education for underprivileged children, girl child and poor children
4. Improve quality and standards of school education and literacy towards building a better society
5. Universalise opportunities for quality secondary education
6. Establish a fully literate society in underdeveloped regions

1. Pastor Laxmaiah who is a Head Master for a Government primary school, identified the need of education in rural areas
2. Happy Home Ministries enabled providing minimum facilities to many schools and colleges throughout Khammam district
3. Under this project Happy Home children have been receiving quality education in the schools which are exclusively designed for them, as they were expelled from other schools due to their illness.

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