We aim to assist in Gender equality through various income initiatives and empower local women by educating them on their rights and opportunities available to them.

1. Emphasising on the use of the talents of church members in the local community
2. To lift up women’s dignity, give them opportunity to not only participate in God’s mission but also in serving Community & Family
3. Expanding Women’s Economic Opportunities through Education, Entrepreneurship and Vocational training
4. Enables direct finance assistance through small scale projects for the benefit of widows, disadvantaged groups of the society

This Project of Happy Home Ministries includes
1. Maternity Benefit Programme, creating awareness on healthcare, child care, family planning and supporting medical help in pregnant women
2. The sewing program which facilitates to provide funding of sewing machines, teach women on how to sew things like aprons, feminine kits, school uniforms for the children & embroidery works
3. Training Trainers on medical care & basic education to look after HIV affected orphan kids at our Happy Home

Women Empowerment Gallery